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$100+ Per Day Guide With No Upfront Costs
Pro Tips: Do NOT use the same examples used for this guide. Do NOT rely solely on eBay. eBay is NOT the best place for this due to eBay fees. I recommend to start with eBay then continue to build on other market places. If you have any questions, ideas or comments feel free to ask them here on this thread so that other members can

Plug of All Trades

This is going to be quick and only filled with useful information. You don't need to know my life story, I'm sure you have your own life story. Read carefully, pay attention, and just follow the instructions. Don't be afraid to use your imagination with this too. Add your own twist & spread the knowledge. It is extremely important that you add your own twist to these things. Otherwise this will only work short term for you.

How much income can this bring in? At least $60-100 per day. CASH if you have the PayPal Business Debit card. If you already have a decent Social Media Following, you can achieve this and more on your first day. But if you are starting from scratch, you should make at least $40 a day until you build the rest of your empire.

Getting Started with eBay

The first thing you want to do is set up an Ebay account if you don't already have one. This is going to bring you easy money because it only takes 5 minutes or less to set up a listing and will only take you a minute or two to deliver the goods after payment. So Ebay is your first stream of income.

In short: You will be selling Premium Accounts on Ebay at a heavily discounted price for the consumer but you still get a large margin of profit per sale. Read on.

Head over to Google and search for these terms "wtb NFL Sunday Ticket". Most of the search results that show up will have these accounts for sale at very cheap prices and some offer warranty. Price vary from 50 cents per account to $5 per account. I choose quality over qty but that's on you. Do a little research and find a seller that you deem is most trustworthy. I won't publicly share my sources. Ask your seller for Bulk pricing. You will profit so much more from the start if you buy in bulk. Even a small $40 investment could yield a huge profit and really quick. If you're feeling shady then you can also just purchase the accounts after they sell on Ebay but then you'd be making your customers wait for no reason. Don't be THAT seller.

You can list an NFL Sunday Ticket account for a decent price, but I usually price mine at least $1 lower than the current lowest price. So keep an eye on this as some of your competitors will run out which will allow you to raise your prices but still have the best price on the market. The NFL Sunday Ticket Max package retails for at least a $50 per month subscription not to mention all the other terms and conditions. (So you can even offer this as a subscription.) Write up a nice detailed trustworthy description. Offer them support. Always mention the same warranty you get from your seller. Rinse, Repeat, Withdraw funds. Simple everyone wins if you deliver the goods.

Bonus: If you are not comfortable selling digital goods via ebay since it is against the Ebay ToS, you can sell a custom made Tee-shirt and list it on Ebay "Custom NFL T-Shirt w/NFL Sunday Ticket Season Long Access Included". You can profit from the T shirt and the Sunday Ticket, however I chose not to profit from the T shirt which in turn made my Sunday Ticket more affordable, more sales. That does not mean that you shouldn't profit from the T shirts, that is your decision to make.

Now that you are done with that, start over using a different service. NBA, NHL, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. Think outside of the box, use combo listings such as "12 Month Netflix HD + Hulu PLUS w/ Warranty". This will guarantee you get the best bang for your buck while you start working on the income streams listed below.

You can do everything I mentioned above in an hour. This is income stream #1

Getting started with Facebook

First of all, if you already have a Facebook following, that is a huge bonus. Start posting the Sunday Ticket for sale on the Facebook Marketplace & also include the link to the ebay page. It'll make the buyer feel safer with having the option of buying via Ebay as opposed to "sending money to a random PayPal"....This is income stream #2 only if you keep up with it and depending on the zip code.

Now head over to the search bar and search for NFL Memes, NFL Teams, Steelers, ETC. Anything that Football enthusiasts may be interested in. Join these groups, interact with a few posts and people. Chill for an hour or two then go back to the group and make a post selling the NFL Sunday Ticket for X amount. This has to be a well thought out post, don't just wing it. So depending on whatever conversation you stepped into when joining, make a post saying that you are selling the Sunday Ticket for X amount. Mention that you've been selling them locally and everyone loves it etc, so you thought you would offer the same to all the Group's members. Don't forget to mention that they get a Season Long warranty! and always offer customer support. It won't hurt to offer a member a free Sunday Ticket in turn for a review to legitimize you in the group. Choose wisely. It's a bonus if you can speak to an admin BEFORE posting your sales post. Example: "POST APPROVED BY ADMIN MARTY" and then proceed with my sales post. This obviously only works if you got the OK from the admin. Either way works if you try long enough. This will validate your post to some of the followers and as long as you deliver the goods, one post could become a money maker if they post reviews about your service. This is income stream number #3

If you've made it this far then you should spend the ten minutes to create a Facebook page for your business. It'll be hard at first to gain a decent following with engagement, but in time you'll build a small following of people who have already purchased from you or have seen you deliver the goods.

Getting Started with a Webshop

This will bring in big profits if you can do good SEO. But nevertheless it is still necessary to create success even without SEO. So purchase a domain, get a website, set up shop. There are way too many sources to choose from. Do the research and choose what's best for you. If you need help with this, I will personally help you set up shop. Just ask!

In your shop you are going to list your NFL Sunday Tickets for sale. Be creative with it and always have the option to purchase from your ebay link. If you're smart you could monetize your website in multiple ways at once. After your website is 100% up and running, you'll want to start using it in all your future ad postings across all income streams. You'll want to go back to previous posts and add your website to those posts as well. Invest in some graphic posts advertising your website locally. Small business and small bars will definitely be interested in saving money on NFL, NBA & NHL. I have 3 local bars on a $29.99 month to month subscription. Sure it's only $90 but this is monthly without me having to do anything else for the rest of the season. Pay Per View fights are a great bonus, those will sell very quick for great profit margins. Think Mayweather VS Connor, that was a great day for me, and you too can have future days like that. This is income stream #4

Getting Started with YouTube

Create a channel dedicated to your niche NFL. It is important that you complete the way your channel looks with profile image, cover photo, welcome video etc. Start posting at least 2 videos a day. Just download some of the most recent news video that is getting a decent amount of views. NFL Compilations etc.. Youtube copyright issues? Do a little bit of research and plenty of workarounds, even zooming in on the video and a little altering of the audio will do. Either that or generate your own original content. You can start posting your ebay link and website link to your videos after you start getting some views and interactions. Remember all it takes is one semi viral video or comment to get your listing out there. So you're going to comment on every video that is on the front page of your search results. Make the comment real, relevant and drop that ebay link. Try contacting the channel owners and offer them a free Sunday Ticket if you can have your Ebay or Website link on the description. This is income stream #5

Bonus places that offer free traffic like Ebay:
Amazon (Tshirt technique required)

If you can perform the methods explained in this guide, you will make money. How much money you make solely depends on how much work you put in. If you take the time to repeat the methods explained using a different product (Netflix, Hulu, UFC etc) you can make upwards of $300 per day.

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