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Get paid by watching Ads
This one doesn't make a lot of money but if have spare time and want to earn some cash,this can a be a solution for that.There are companies out there which would really pa for you to watch their adverts on youtube as they want to increase their target market.So why don't you take this opportunity and make money You will be earning as little as $10 per advertisement depending on the company.

Here is the link to follow also other than youtube you could also try this site: and get paid over $50 a month to read adverts.
I will never suggest anyone to go with PTC Sites they are just like scam to me paying that low price is totally shocking like its hard to earn 10 to 20$ per month and 20$ is nothing you can spend 50$ for Lunch then do you still think its going to be useful? but I suggest you to do freelancing you can earn upto 500$+ per month instead of wasting your time on PTC Sites

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