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[Guide] Create Your Own Merchandise Store/Brand
Have you ever wanted to have your own clothing store / case store and etc. ? It is not so hard as you may think, actually it's very easy !
I will be using as an example. There are plenty of other sites just like this, but I prefer to use this one. You can create clothes, Iphone cases, mugs and much more !

Now you need to design cool stuff, if you have no idea what to design just find any trending topics.
If you go on homepage you will find what's trending, selling right now.

I recommend adding your designs as it will be unique, but if you can't or don't want, you can browse artwork 
After you finish designing your product you can check your estimated profit.


As you can see I made this design in less then 10 seconds just for this example. You can choose how much you're going to sell the merchandise, if you have no idea teespring recommends the price for you, in my case they recommend 25.99$ per sale. It's 12.52$ profit per sale !

Last touches, add name, description, select options and hit "Launch".


Now you will have successfully launched your very first own campaign. 

The next step is getting targeted traffic. I suggest making a tageted facebook page about your shop. You can created facebook ads. You can do it there:
You can do detailed targeting with your specific niche. 

You can also use other advertising methods.

Be creative and good luck with your sales !

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