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[Guide] Reselling social network services
Hello, this guide is very straightforward, you don't need any skills to do it. All you need is computer and internet to do this.

As all of you know Social Network services are a giant market these days and it's getting bigger and bigger everyday.

There is no need to for any investment to work.

Step 1
First decide what social services you will provide, for example youtube views, facebook likes, facebook fan page followers and etc.

Step 2
Choose your supplyer, don't go with the cheapest, because you don't want to disappoint your customers with long delivery time or not delivering it at all.
So you want to choose fast supplyer. For example:
Tip: use only panels with API or instant services, you don't want your customer to wait longer.

Step 3
Write down your prices, don't ask too much because others are doing this too, and noone will want to pay more for the same thing.

Step 4 
Use your imagination how to get customers
Few examples how to get customers: advertise your service on forums, blogs, offer small facebook page owners this service.

Step 5
Now you should get customers and make some extra cash.

Good luck,

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